Monday, May 10, 2010

School Projects Part II

May I introduce you to Stonewall Jackson:

He's made of one apple juice bottle, one root beer 2 liter bottle, and one small Fresca bottle.  One knee-high nylon, a little bit of stuffing, four black buttons, six brass brads, two-thirds of a package of black leather lacing, two sheets of grey felt, one sheet of brown, one-half sheet of black, about two yards of thread, and five or six sticks of hot glue.

I think he's pretty cute.  Daniel thinks he's pretty ferocious.

(this last one is blurry because Daniel was dying a slow and painful death by mini-saber)

My Embarrassing Mother

by Livia.

My birthday was two weeks ago.  It was a pretty crazy time for my mom, but I loved every minute!  I got two parties (one friend one and one family one), and a magician, and TONS of presents, so I thought it was WAY fun!  I love my birthday!  My mom felt bad that she forgot to bring treats for my class at school.  (My teacher doesn't allow "real" treats, but we can bring stuff like pencils or one of my friend's mom brought hand sanitizer, which was pretty cool, so I gave my mom both those ideas and told her to pick something cool.  I really want a pencil sharpener for my desk, so I told her that too.)  So last week she said she was coming to my class that day and bringing something and it would be fun.  She said it would be silly and crazy.

Boy, was I in for it.

Here's how she came to school:

Yup--curlers in her hair, black mask on her face, bathrobe, slippers . . . the works.  She talked in this high weirdo voice and brought my "About Me" poster to show my classmates.  I was SO embarrassed!  It was like she was trying to make up for the fact that she was a week late by being extra weird.  Seriously, Mom?  The whole day my friends kept asking me if that's how she really talked, and if her face was like that a lot.  They went back to my poster and stared at the pictures of me until I wished my mom had taken it home with her.  

The ONLY good thing that happened was that I got a pencil sharpener.

Maybe I'll tell her I'll take the treats myself next year.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Do Dog Owners Ever Have to Sweep?


I've been a dog owner for 13 days now, and have noticed a remarkable difference in the floor underneath our counter where the kids sit.

We have four hand-me-down barstools there, (the same ones I used growing up!) which I've wanted to replace for about four years now.  (I haven't got around to it due to the fact that some of my kids decided it would be fun to accessorize their stools with stickers . . . and none of them are especially careful about spills yet, and well, it's just cheaper not to!  But I digress . . . )  Today Ginger decided that since the floor underneath was squeaky clean, it was time to attack the stools themselves.  She spent a good half hour cleaning off the dried applesauce, peanut butter, dripped maple syrup, and other such delicacies found petrified on the legs of the stools.  While I'm not complaining, I'm not a fan of dogs eating people food.  I guess since she discovered the treasure trove of children-droppings, it's hers to claim, and hey, I don't have to clean them now!

Guess it's a good thing I haven't bought the new stools yet.

: )