Monday, March 22, 2010

Flying Eagles

Daniel chose Birds of Prey for his non-fiction book this term.  A costumed book report was required, so voila!  Here you go:  (he's a bald eagle . . . in case you needed help.  But to soothe my ego, just say you didn't, ok?)

it takes too long to upload the actual flying demonstration, 
so just take my word for it--it is pretty darn cool!!!  

Special thanks to the ravens of Swan Lake for their inspiration.

March Madness . . . Baseball style!

We've been enjoying the sunny, almost-warm-enough weather of St. George this past weekend!  It was fun to hang out with my little sisters, let the kids get spoiled by Nana, and watch my favorite baseball player!  Here are some of the highlights:

on the ride down:  (seriously, she is one great babysitter!)

Micah loves riding scooters with Papa!

playing Quidditch . . . intently

Private Facials with Nana

(this is where the "pickle-eye" comment came from . . . see column on right)

my little Ewok--Sophia in Tara's sweatshirt and hot chocolate at the night game!

two-thirds of the clan at frozen yogurt

Livia and Kwami . . . oh the love!

watching the "other" March Madness with Papa

and the real reason we're here!  My camera died right after this, 
but I was able to get this crucial action shot:

and one from the dugout:

Hooray for baseball!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Doomsday has arrived!

Yes, the moment we knew was inevitable . . . Daniel got braces!  He was a little nervous going in, and asked a lot of questions about what it feels like.  I told him what I could remember, but it is all different now--much faster, no bands around the molars, getting to watch a movie during the process, picking your colors (blue and gold for him (mom vetoed the pink and black idea)  I think I had little wires wrapped around my brackets!), and virtually no pain until later that night. : )  Poor kid--he got one rubber band that went around his front two teeth to pull them together, and we saw results that night!  That means one big dose of Advil, one sore mouth, and high hopes to get them off this May.

Hmmmm, that last one might not work, buddy.

Some documentation of the process:

The black stuff you see here cleans the teeth off, even the tiny pores.  Then they dry the teeth and are ready for gluing!  Gotta love the contraption that keeps the mouth open, the tongue out of the way, and the saliva sucked out . . . not to mention the cool glasses that keep any splashing away from those gorgeous eyes!

gluing the brackets on:  
(note the "seriously, mom?  how many pictures are you going to take?" face)

all done!  You can see the blue tie here on the front teeth--and the tiny gap that was closed by dinner!

admiring oneself . . .

learning how to put in the elastics

ready to go home!  ("that wasn't so bad, mom")

Basketball for the girls!

Livia played basketball for the first time EVER this year--and she was great!  She learned a lot about dribbling the ball, how to play defense and offense, having a good attitude, and working together.  Even though their team lost every game, at the end of the season she said "this has been SO much fun!"  I give total props to our awesome coach, and a great group of girls!

this is one-handed defense, specifically for girls with unruly hair during a game:

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What happens when I'm bored at the condo . . .

So I was waiting for a prospective tenant to come see our condo, and found I had this eerie reflection in the window/stucco outside.  I wondered if it would show up in a picture, so I spent a few minutes experimenting, and had to share!  I probably should have saved it for October  . . .

and in case you think ghosts don't smile . . . 

Almost Spring!

We had some seriously beautiful weather for a couple days this past week!  One day we had to run some errands so I sent the kiddos out to get in the car, and this is what I saw when I came outside:

(then he heard me)

Man, it is so nice to be outside, in shorts and short sleeves!  This poor kid is itching to bare his skin, and his mean mom keeps making him put pants on . . . sorry it snowed that night, buddy!

Starting Young

(taken sneakily on the fly so I apologize for the crummy resolution!)

What happens when Sophia has my phone . . .

at home:  (I actually kind of like the angle, and the dark interior, and the tree off-center . . . pretty good for an amateur!)

at Livia's piano recital:

granted the focus was off, but that's what happens when you're moving with a camera phone, . . . we could call it art . . . ; )

Monday, March 1, 2010

Pirate-ey Takeover!

The kids were awfully quiet one evening.  They had been sent to get in their jammies and get ready for bed.  After hearing some strange noises from one of the bedrooms, Mom was dispatched (camera in hand) to check out the situation.  Here's what she saw:

A pirate take-over in her own home!  AAAAAHHHHH!
(notice the small pirate ready to shoot the stealthy photographer)

Oh no!  She's struck!

But she's fast--revenge is eminent!

Alas, the photographer is discovered, and a cease-fire is called for a "cheese" frame:
(pirates say cheese?)

That little one again, fiercely defending her blanket ship:

Too bad all escaped alive.  Until next time, me hearties!

A Happy/Sad Farewell . . .

This is the end of scouts as we know it . . . and have known it for a long time . . . in fact, this is the ONLY kind of scouts I am familiar with!  Last week Daniel got his Arrow of Light--the only badge that you can earn in Cub Scouts and put on your Boy Scout uniform.  (I just learned that too!)  So now he starts going to the inbetweenville in Scouting known as 11-year-old scouts.  He has even had his first klondike camp last weekend at Antelope Island.  He didn't want to take his camera, and as moms are not allowed, I don't have any pics of that for you.  (sniff)  So here's our documentation of (dare I say it?) our LAST Cub Scout Pack Meeting . . .