Thursday, December 13, 2012

Kitchen Remodel Part 3

The Granite comes!
I wanted my island countertop to be free-standing, with no corbels or supports to hit your knees on. : ) So to make that happen, we had to add an extra sheet of plywood to the base, with steel supports running across it.  My cute granite installer asked me a few times if I was ok with it being 3/4" taller than usual. (To his credit, it was already a 3 cm granite, so it was going to be taller than an average install.)  Well, we are tall people, and if that's what it takes to get the support it needs, I'm more than in favor of it! : )

Here's the perimeter pieces going in:

The steel supports in the island--there's three horizontal ones running the width of the counter top, and one running vertical on the far right side.

My awesome backsplash--this is under the hood where the cooktop will be.

 I seriously have new respect for granite installers--you should have seen the team that brought this rock in!  There were about ten guys on it, and it was very impressive! 

They put the island in, the perimeter by the sink and cooktop, the piece in the pantry, and small slices on the window sills.  Each piece was finished differently:  the window sills were finished at size, which means they have a 3 cm finished edge, no extra. The perimeter and pantry pieces were finished at 2", and the island at 2 3/4", which is huge and chunky and I love it!  The corners and edges were all squared off, and finished flat to match the contemporary look of everything else.

Onto the final reveal!

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