Sunday, April 10, 2011

Things I love about Spring . . .

1.  New budding leaves on the trees
2.  The beginning of baseball season . . . I'm a little addicted, and with my husband heavily involved in the league, I've come to love it!  The uniforms, the bat bags, breaking in new mitts, staring down a batter from the pitcher's mound, skipping off to first base at your first t-ball practice . . . (that's for the girls, the boys pretty much barrel down the line)
3.  Anything small and green peeking out of the ground.
4.  Outdoor soccer again.  Mostly makes me happy because my little soccer player is so happy!
5.  Spring colors--pastels, brights, happiness
6.  Pretty new dresses for my girls . . . and accessories : )
7.  Putting away my boots.  And coats.  I love them, but man, I'm ready to be done with them!
8.  Cadbury's chocolate eggs.  The little ones . . . yummmmmmmmmmmmmm
9.  School almost over!
10.  Dance performances to watch.
11.  Piano Festivals and Federations and such . . . and she got a superior at all of them!
12.  Birthday season starts!  At my house, this is 5/6 of the family.  In two months.  A little crazy, but I love it : )
13.  My musical about to perform!  I choreograph for a local junior high and I love getting to the point where we can clean and perfect and make it awesome.  These kids work hard, and I love having a hand in the creation of an amazing show!
14.  Putting the trampoline up again
15.  Sending the kids outside to play . . . and not letting them back in
16.  A foot of snow in two days over Spring Break.

Oh wait, that last one is totally NOT on my list.  However, I am loving the sun that is shining today and making aforementioned snow all pretty and sparkly. : )

Happy April!

Humble Pie

Top five ways I usually find myself eating it . . .

5.  When I have to apologize to a child of mine for a mistake or error in judgement I've made.  Don't act so shocked, you all knew I was human.

4.  Admitting defeat and giving into the ponytail.  Three Two days in a row.

3.  Wishing I had time to take classes so I really would know everything (don't tell my kids I don't!).  Some examples: (yes, there are more times than not I'd like to take a class in (fill in the blank!).)  knowing how to work my camera, any handy-type home-improvement project (maybe I'll get another power tool for Mother's Day again!), remembering after three internet-free days that a power cycle would reset my modem.  (And this after how many collective hours on the phone with a certain customer service company???)  Sheesh.

2.  Apologizing to a coach (or husband) for being late to a son's (insert sport here) practice.

1.  When we are sitting in church and my 5yo daughter looks at me quizzically, then says, "Mom, did you even DO your hair today?"

Yeah, it happens.  You'd think humble pie would become tasty at some point.

Or I'd just get smarter.

One of the two.