Sunday, April 27, 2008

Swimsuit Trauma!

Many of you know how impossible it can be to find the right swim suit year after year. Many of you also know that I am a consultant for Modbe Clothing, designer and producer of possibly the most fabulous (modest and otherwise!) swimsuits ever. So, this year it is especially difficult for me to pick a suit--mostly because there are only about ten of the twenty that I love!!! So here are the ones I'm trying to choose between--cast your vote for what you think I should get. (Also note that since everything is sold separately, I can get two tops and one bottom, and have two suits!) If you like all of them, please send me ideas for convincing my husband : )

First up is the burgandy ruffle wrap--oh it is so cute!!! The model here has the swim skirt on--double cute. (these bottoms look awesome with the zebra top!) The skirts come separately, so there is one to match every suit--yaay for cover-up options!

Secondly (and these are in no particular order) is the blue paisley halter. Love this color!

Next is the orange floral bandeau--cute little band in the middle there--I've never had a white suit, but I would totally do this one! (double lining helps!) ; )

I would never consider myself an animal-print person, but I wore this one to one of my recruit's kick-off boutiques, and it was so cute on!

Another animal print, I know, but it looks so cute on! (Plus it goes with the black bottoms, which also go with the blue paisley halter.)

Last one--this is the green floral lace-up, and it is so darn cute--goes with the brown bottoms, like the cheetah bandeau, and the orange floral.

Ok folks, that's it--please check the poll and help me choose! (and remember, you can vote for more than one!)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Micah's First T-Ball Game!

Micah giving Mom the "thumbs up"--we love baseball!

first time at bat--note the concentration!
after the game--"this is so fun, Mom!"

Micah had his first t-ball game today--he was so excited! He carried his mitt around and wore his hat all day, causing me much stress (you KNOW it was going to get lost right before we had to go to the game!). He was the cutest little guy out there (no, I'm not biased), and had a blast!!! He hit really well, out of the infield two of the three times (it helps that the other team couldn't really catch), and fielded wonderfully . . . staying in the "crouch" position as no balls were hit his way. : ) Go Cubs!!!

Livia's Ballet Recital

Livia performed as the Rain in her ballet recital, "The Goose Girl," after the book by Shannon Hale. She even had a solo part and did FABULOUSLY!!!

Easter dress

This was a last-minute pic before church--quick, SMILE!!!

Easter morning

jelly bean arrow hints
Livia's was in the bathtub
Daniel's was under the computer desk, complete with a response to his questions!
Here's his note: (and EB's response)

I have to share this, just because it's so darn cute!!! The Easter Bunny hides the baskets at our house, and leaves jelly bean arrows on the counter for clues (we have church early, and that sweet bunny really appreciates the stress of easter and getting ready for the parents!). Daniel had a few questions for EB, and decided to write him a note, Tooth Fairy style.


Daniel, Livia, & Micah getting ready to hunt!
I just love this face!!! "cheese!" Sophia, quite adept at filling her basket!
Micah--pretty pleased with his stash

Here are some fun pics from our Easter Egg Hunt this year. This was Sophie's first "real" year, meaning the first one that she picked up her own eggs. : ) So fun--I love this tradition! A little sad that I'm not organizing it, but I'm sure I'll find a way to survive!

Pinewood Derby the First

Daniel with The Blue Thunder
he really is appreciating the picture-taking here!
Daniel & Daddy

As Daniel's scout leader, I feel the weight of promised glory and best car design heavily on my shoulders! Daniel's first pinewood derby proved to be an experience for all of us--patience, research, late night shopping, borrowing friend's tools, more patience, and lots of clapping. : )

Daniel picked the car design that sadly, didn't really match the one online, but was an A-for-effort! The color should be a huge surprise, considering the rabid Y-fans that stalk our halls. With eight quarters (who knew that equals two ounces!?!) glued to the top, and many more button weights along the bottom, the Blue Thunder raced to 3rd-place glory . . . consistently. : )

Good times were had, lots of races were ran, and guess what? . . . Daniel won best car design! : )

I'm finally online!

Well, after much cadjoling and encouragement, I have finally bit the bullet and joined the online cyberspace world of fun! I'm hoping to be able to keep up with our family happenings, and give you some fun insights into the daily marvels and excitements happening at our home! Feel free to add praise, adoration, and glowing reviews . . . ; )