Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Kitchen Re-do-ing

Yes, I've been neglecting everything else today to work on my perfect floor plan.  No, it isn't complete yet, and no, that's not the couch (or ottoman) I'd choose, they're just the correct size.  Yes, my piano and music storage are essentially hanging out in the hallway, but that's ok because I haven't drawn the front room to put them in. : )  The fridge is the box with the asterisk on top, and the white cupboard next to it is my pantry and baking area (built into the pantry, so it closes off).  The double ovens, microwave, and vertical pan shelves are the white box next to the range, and upper cupboards abound all along that wall.  The top cupboards I currently have on either side of my sink will be widened and connected with ceiling-height cupboards to frame the large window over the sink.  My island is a ridiculously exciting 7' x 4'6" and will have way cooler barstools than are pictured. : )  And yes, the only reason I am posting this is so I can put it on pinterest too. ; D

Whaddya think?