Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Kitchen Re-do-ing

Yes, I've been neglecting everything else today to work on my perfect floor plan.  No, it isn't complete yet, and no, that's not the couch (or ottoman) I'd choose, they're just the correct size.  Yes, my piano and music storage are essentially hanging out in the hallway, but that's ok because I haven't drawn the front room to put them in. : )  The fridge is the box with the asterisk on top, and the white cupboard next to it is my pantry and baking area (built into the pantry, so it closes off).  The double ovens, microwave, and vertical pan shelves are the white box next to the range, and upper cupboards abound all along that wall.  The top cupboards I currently have on either side of my sink will be widened and connected with ceiling-height cupboards to frame the large window over the sink.  My island is a ridiculously exciting 7' x 4'6" and will have way cooler barstools than are pictured. : )  And yes, the only reason I am posting this is so I can put it on pinterest too. ; D

Whaddya think?

Friday, July 29, 2011

Favorite New Quote

Having seen this info-mercial,

my 12yo decided it was something worth purchasing.  Not wanting to dampen his enthusiasm for the project, but definitely NOT buying some crap off a tv ad, I decided to show him a fun contraption already in our kitchen that would make the exact same thing--the ice cream maker!  (Totally embarrassing that we haven't pulled it out yet this summer!) He wanted to try the chocolate milk flavor first (we've experimented with kool-aid and gatorade--both yummy!), and twenty minutes later, we had this:

(well, not exactly, but you get the idea)


After filling our cups and getting serious brain freezes, my cute son said my new favorite quote:

"Mom, I want you to cater my wedding."

Ahhhhhh.  Some days they're worth keeping.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fun with Wordle

Ever played on this?  Click here to start.

Here's the fun I created today:  (anyone surprised at the content? hahaha--not me!  Here's something fun I learned--the more often you type a word, the bigger it appears.  In the first example I typed "baseball" three times, and everything else once.)

Four Days and Fifteen Years


That's how long I've been married.  It's a little strange to think that it's been that long, but doesn't feel like it.  I'm still madly in love with my wonderful husband, and it doesn't hurt that he's a total babe. a. licious. : )

For our big One-Five we . . . yes, you guessed it!  Went to a baseball game!  Daniel's playing All-Stars now, and really, does it surprise anyone that we still have baseball?  Not me : )  It was fun, and we're going to celebrate "for real" next week . . . or whenever we get out of the tournament.

Happy Anniversary, Honey!  I'd do it again in a heartbeat . . . only maybe do my hair differently.  And eat first.  And wear funky shoes.  And hire a different photographer.  But other than that, I don't regret a thing. Really.

Here's to the next fifteen, and fifty after that.  I love you!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Three Times as Fun

This year we have three baseball players . . . one of whom is on two different teams, one who would like to be on as many teams as possible, and one who is happy just to play in the grass and have people cheer for her.  Here is some documentation for you:

Be afraid, little batter.  Be very afraid.

(If you look closely here, the bat is pointed straight at you, and you can see the blur of the ball!)

Yes, she's wearing a skirt over her baseball pants.  Why does that surprise you?

Birthday Season 2011!

So, in fairly chronological order . . . . 

One Paintball Party for 12-yr-olds

One Squinky party for 10-yr-olds

One pool/trampoline/basketball party for 7-yr-olds

(I have to show you this cake--it was awesome!  A train mold I've been wanting to use since he was three and obsessed with trains . . . and finally got around to it!)

and one Cinderella party for 5-yr-olds

(one of my favorite pictures from this party--they were watching Sophia
find the glass slipper behind the couch!)

oh, and one big FOUR-OH Party : )
(gotta love the cupcake birthday cakes--since certain people don't eat sugar anymore, the smaller is better idea applied here.  And since 40 candles don't fit on baby cupcakes, four on one and zero on the other counts, right!?!)

: )

Thursday, June 2, 2011

I have survived!

I'm not kidding, the month of May has been an incredible roller coaster!  My apologies for those of you who stalk my blog daily, praying for an update.  (Yeah, we all know there aren't any of those! LOL!)  So here's the run-down, in slow mo and descriptive detail.  Mostly because my photo library is still having issues due to a recent run with some malware.  That's a whole 'nother story.

May opens with many exciting events looming in the first few weeks.  First of all, we are only 2/5 the way through birthday season, so having only seen one paintball party for a bunch of crazy 12-yr old boys, then a Squinkie party for some crazy 10 year old girls.  The first was super-fun and totally easy.  The second required a lot of work and developed some drama (10 girls under 12 together for an hour and a half was plenty for me . . . and the birthday girl!).  I though it was super-clever--all the games were based around Squinkies and modeled after A Minute To Win It trials.  Except for the nail-painting-hot-potato, but that was just girly fun. : )

So the next birthday was Mr. Handsome himself, turning the big FORE-OH.  Yup.  And boy, was he ever excited.


When asked what he wanted for his birthday, his typical response (every year) is "money in the bank."  Well, usually I comply with this request (then get harassed for it later!), but this birthday is THE BIG ONE.  So, of course, that simply doesn't work.  No less than one birthday lunch and two birthday party/dinners later (with a present, I might add), the wife felt sufficiently that the birthday (and the man we love) had been celebrated. : )  Check, check, double check.

During this week of birthday celebration, my little sister got married!  So off we went on a sister road trip (which definitely needs repeating--it was AWESOME!!!  We vented, laughed, cried, sang, and solved all the world's problems!)  to the reception in St. George.  Unfortunately, it rained during that beautiful outdoor party, and was super-cold.  I holed myself up in the casita and huddled under someone else's jacket.  (Why bring a jacket to St. G?)  So . . . . it was fun anyway, and fabulous.  My mother is truly an artist--she created the most fantastic wonderland out of branches and lights and vines and tables and sparkly dangly-things. : )  Love you Momma!

Heading back north, we raced home for the final dress rehearsal of my play.  They had already had their first time rehearsing with the set while I was down south, and I was dying at not being there.  We had to re-structure a few of the dances after seeing the set on stage, and man, if there was ever a time for cloning, I would have done it in a heartbeat!  However, somehow they survived without me, and pulled off an amazing show!  Seriously, I was SO proud of them!  Characters came together, stage positioning was remembered, lights and music and set and costumes and . . . it was awesome.  I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!  (not that any of them read this, because they're all in jr high . . . but I love them nonetheless.)  I will truly miss some of my 9th graders that are leaving me this year.  You guys totally rock!

So, to continue the timeline:  Mon and Tues in St G, Wed at play, Thu = Hubby's b-day, Fri at reception in Farmington, Sat am at wedding, pm at closing night.  Did I mention there were a couple baseball games that week?  And dance classes?  And piano?  And training?  You see why I haven't blogged lately, right?  Oh, you don't?  My apologies . . . I'll do better next time. ; )

The wedding was beautiful, the day was perfect (which is rare this year!), and at the luncheon my baby sister totally surprised me.  You see, at my wedding some almost-fifteen years ago (wow), my then-four-year-old baby sis was SUPER grumpy.  In every single picture.  ALL of them.  We couldn't get her to smile for all the bribery in the world.  At the time, I was a little disappointed but figured it'd make a good story some day.  (and here it is!)  We found out, after the photo session, of course, that all she wanted was a piece of cake.  Wedding cake.  And the sweet ladies in the kitchen wouldn't let her have any.  Because, of course, the bride and groom have to cut the first slice.  I told her if she would have asked me, the bride would have given her some and traded the first slice for happy pictures.  Oh well, too late for that.  But good story got!

Fast forward fifteen years, we're at her own wedding, and amid assorted jokes of frowning in all her pictures, or eating her cake all by ourselves, we end our week of wedding-ness with her luncheon Saturday afternoon.  The cake is in the middle of a long table of yumminess, looking all perfect and divine.  All of a sudden, the guests notice a piece missing.  Yup, the cake is cut and no one saw it.  And from the top layer, no less!  Glancing around, I saw my little sister handing my four-year-old daughter a plate FULL of cake.  (it was a large slice for a four-year-old!)  After the parents did their thing in the microphone, Tiffy stood up and explained.  As a sort of rectification for spoiled wedding photos of mine, she gave Sophia the first piece of her own cake.  We got some cute pictures of Tiffy and Sophia and the piece of cake, and surprisingly, Sophia is not smiling! (I think the sudden attention threw her off, but funny anyway!) hahahahahahahaha  It was an awesome moment, and a very sweet gesture.  Love you Tiff!

So, wedding over, Hubby's b-day over, two more weeks of May and two more birthday parties. And teacher gifts.  And preschool graduation.  And everything else.

Amid a first-grade opera about mummies, kings, queens, and star fighters (BEST SCHOOL PLAY EVER!), a fourth-grade play about the history of Utah (cutest pioneer girl ever!), and a final band concert, we managed to fit in a swim party for 13 seven-year-old boys (super crazy because the venue we had chosen and reserved and paid for cancelled on me the morning of.  Thank heaven for fabulous friends who have backyard pools and are SUPER AMAZING!!!) and a Cinderella party for seven five-year-old girls.  This last party was my favorite--why haven't I done this all along!?!  Cinderella came to the party and she was INCREDIBLE!!!  (She does many other princesses so if any of you need tips, let me know!) She told stories, sang songs, did a crown craft with the girls, played games, opened presents, and behold!  Party was over!  Never was I more grateful for an easy party.  Yaay!!!

Which brings us to this week.  School's almost out, summer weather will being soon (we hope!!!), and a whole different kind of craziness will take over!

I promise pictures will come soon!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Things I love about Spring . . .

1.  New budding leaves on the trees
2.  The beginning of baseball season . . . I'm a little addicted, and with my husband heavily involved in the league, I've come to love it!  The uniforms, the bat bags, breaking in new mitts, staring down a batter from the pitcher's mound, skipping off to first base at your first t-ball practice . . . (that's for the girls, the boys pretty much barrel down the line)
3.  Anything small and green peeking out of the ground.
4.  Outdoor soccer again.  Mostly makes me happy because my little soccer player is so happy!
5.  Spring colors--pastels, brights, happiness
6.  Pretty new dresses for my girls . . . and accessories : )
7.  Putting away my boots.  And coats.  I love them, but man, I'm ready to be done with them!
8.  Cadbury's chocolate eggs.  The little ones . . . yummmmmmmmmmmmmm
9.  School almost over!
10.  Dance performances to watch.
11.  Piano Festivals and Federations and such . . . and she got a superior at all of them!
12.  Birthday season starts!  At my house, this is 5/6 of the family.  In two months.  A little crazy, but I love it : )
13.  My musical about to perform!  I choreograph for a local junior high and I love getting to the point where we can clean and perfect and make it awesome.  These kids work hard, and I love having a hand in the creation of an amazing show!
14.  Putting the trampoline up again
15.  Sending the kids outside to play . . . and not letting them back in
16.  A foot of snow in two days over Spring Break.

Oh wait, that last one is totally NOT on my list.  However, I am loving the sun that is shining today and making aforementioned snow all pretty and sparkly. : )

Happy April!

Humble Pie

Top five ways I usually find myself eating it . . .

5.  When I have to apologize to a child of mine for a mistake or error in judgement I've made.  Don't act so shocked, you all knew I was human.

4.  Admitting defeat and giving into the ponytail.  Three Two days in a row.

3.  Wishing I had time to take classes so I really would know everything (don't tell my kids I don't!).  Some examples: (yes, there are more times than not I'd like to take a class in (fill in the blank!).)  knowing how to work my camera, any handy-type home-improvement project (maybe I'll get another power tool for Mother's Day again!), remembering after three internet-free days that a power cycle would reset my modem.  (And this after how many collective hours on the phone with a certain customer service company???)  Sheesh.

2.  Apologizing to a coach (or husband) for being late to a son's (insert sport here) practice.

1.  When we are sitting in church and my 5yo daughter looks at me quizzically, then says, "Mom, did you even DO your hair today?"

Yeah, it happens.  You'd think humble pie would become tasty at some point.

Or I'd just get smarter.

One of the two.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Star-Struck Inspiration

I have a budding ballerina.  She's awesome.

So when we found out there is a Ballet Intensive offered by a certain Professional Ballet Company, and that they were having auditions, we couldn't even stand the excitement.

So off we went, auditioned with our bestest friend, and . . . . drumroll please . . . . made it into the program!

To top off the super-awesome day, we took a potty break and found the locker belonging to our favorite ballet dancer in the company.  She even had some awesome inspirational thought cards on her locker.


That's about all we could say.


Off to celebrate with chocolate and a girls' lunch!

Old Traditions . . .

Or, not really, as I don't recall any specific St. Patty's Day adventures when I was growing up.  Other than the required-hidden-green-on-me-somewhere (which I inadvertently passed to my necklace-under-the-shirt-wearing-daughter this year!), I have decided to create traditions here.

One of the standards, even if it's late, is The Green Dinner.  Why is this on the table? Why do I have to eat that?  The answer is always the same.

Because it's Green Day!

(my kids don't get that joke . . . nor, as I secretly suspect and my husband tries to point out, does anyone else but me get it, or even think it's funny.)

So here are some pics of our Green Celebration!

(that's guacamole there on the right, and I did add some regular-colored chicken just in case)

Dinner plus the only child who lets me take her picture instead of screaming and ducking under the table.

At least I have one.

Happy sigh.

Friday, March 18, 2011

What I did today . . .

Normally, I cringe at the thought of tooting my own horn. Yes, I realize this blog is kind of about that, but I try to focus on cool things everyone does, not just me. Lately, however, I have been feeling like I neglect the "housewife-y" duties that should be more of a priority. So today, I focused on that. I am rather excited about what I got done, so please bear with me as I toot . . . for just a minute!

What I did today, in order of appearance:

Snuggled Livia
Made my bed
Made breakfast
Signed kids' papers
Did four heads of hair (five, if you include my own)
Taught some jr high girls a dance
Dropped Sophia off at school
Taught some fourth graders about running a business
Did five loads of laundry
Answered emails
Re-made a chid's bed
Unloaded dishwasher
Remembered to pick up Sophia on time (thank you, guardian angels!)
Made lunch
Read Sophie a story
Put her down for nap
Did some more laundry
Painted spackle spots in two rooms (finishing project left undone for too many months)
Washed dog
Picked up kids from school
Picked kids up from various activities
Dropped kids off at other activities
Made dinner

Finally eating dinner myself

Yes, I am feeling quite successful today.


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Oh I am so embarrassed . . .

It's already March, and my last post was on Christmas Eve . . . where did two months go?  Seriously, too fast for sure.  Here's a brief re-cap of our post-Christmas Winter adventures:


January began with a bang when my baby sister got engaged--yes, it's true!  So as the wedding planner of the family, I geared up for a very busy next couple months.  My jr high show has auditions at the end of the month, birthday season is right around the corner, and our regular schedule is going to increase with dance performances, indoor then outdoor soccer, and baseball starting!

We got away for a brief respite in the freezing northwoods (north pastures, really) of Idaho with Jamie and Sean.  Bundled up (with every single layer I brought!), we had a blast feeding the cows, making carmel popcorn with Grandma Melba, and riding a true-to-life two-horse-open sleigh.

When we got back, I took my first camera class with my new Nikon, and realized how much I have to learn . . . . a LOT!  Good thing there's plenty of down time at our house . . . hahahaha! : )


February always goes too quickly, in my opinion.  I know it's only a three-day difference from any other month, but it sure seems to fly by every year.  The biggest change for me was to adjust my carpooling schedule--a real trick when the same-ole-thang has been ingrained in my mind for four months. ; D

No really, we continued indoor soccer . . . a little story in it's own since Micah originally signed up to play with the U9 league, which was ludicrous at best if there's a U8 league . . . he's already playing with kids two years older than him, no reason to increase it!  I was a little worried after the first game, since their team got killed and Micah seemed deer-in-the-headlights with the changes of playing indoor.  But the worry was unnecessary, because he LOVED it!  After a couple frustrating weeks of team changes, we finally found a team that was as young as possible, with a real live coach (didn't think that would be an issue, huh?), and on we went.  They played every weekend, losing as much as they played, but somehow got the Cinderella position in the final championship!  We lost it, but the score (4-3) was much better than the previous time we played the same team (7-0), and they played on the big field to boot (= winded little players)!  The team is continuing to play together for the next month, which is the last session of indoor, and they asked Micah to join them for outdoor.  I just realized this weekend what that means:  Micah will be on two soccer teams, one baseball team, and one very tired (but hopefully not too crazy) mom.

Sophia got to go on her first field trip (VERY EXCITING!) to the Davis Art Center and make recycled art (painting tiny bubble wrap different colors then pressing their paper on top), while I found a modern sculpture I'd love to have in my house the next time I have an extra $1300 laying around . . . ; )

I took the older kids and Sophia to see WXHS's performance of Les Miserables.  It was wonderful, with an incredible set.  The best part is that my little Livia is now obsessed with Les Miz, and listens to it on her iPod as much as possible.  Reminds me of me when my parents came home from seeing it for the first time, and we devoured the story, the music, and all things Les-Miz until we got to see it ourselves in Denver.  Later, I accompanied my 9th grade choir when we sang a medley of it, (I got a solo for part of "I Dreamed A Dream," so only accompanied the last half) . . . so many memories, such a fantastic show!

Later on Livia and I auditioned for our local theater's production of "Annie."  Livia really wanted to be an orphan, and I didn't really want to be in it, but knew that if the parent tried out as well, the child had a better chance of making it.  Well . . . . we both made callbacks, and I started getting excited about doing a show together.  Daniel and I had done "Christmas Carol" together about five years ago, and it was a blast!  So, long story short, we got the call that she made it.  I was bummed until I realized that it was the perfect solution to a stressful problem--how was I going to be in a show and still be mom to my other three!?!  Until our schedules calm down (a LOT), I think it's better that I be backstage! ; D  So Livia is LOVING her rehearsals, and the cast, and the production, and I know it's going to be a fabulous opportunity for her.  And, like her mom, she doesn't shy away from the spotlight!

Another little sister got her mission call to the California, San Fernando Spanish-speaking mission.  She leaves in June, which is PERFECT because then she can attend the other one's wedding, learn a language, get back in time for Christmas 2012, receive all her packages, and if we happen to accidentally wander across her mission on our family vacation, so much the better!  I am so excited for you, Loo!

So that catches us up!  Between taxi mom-ing to piano, dance, training, basketball, soccer, school, and rehearsals, volunteering at the elementary, trying to re-lease our condo, let alone extra rehearsals for the ballet performance this week, AIM all day yesterday, piano recitals, ballet pictures, Oklahoma dance rehearsals at CJH, and trying to fit in a date (or two!) with my hot hubby, I hope I'll be forgiven for the tardiness of my blog updates. : )