Monday, July 19, 2010

Fireworks Fun!

We have an annual tradition at our house of some serious proportions.  We start with the ward breakfast, which we have to get to early so we can make the next stop, which is a local parade (see previous post),  then we eat gargantuan amounts of warm taffy, and come home and prepare a festive barbecue with more food than anyone can eat.  After dinner, the popsicles are unleashed, zillions of boxes of pops are opened and enjoyed; an equally large amount of sparklers begin to be lit; friends, neighbors, and family gather on the driveway and lawn for MAJOR fireworks; sometimes we have burnt appendages and body parts, and usually there's a visit from our sometimes-friendly neighborhood police man, warning us again of the hazards of violating safe firework laws.  This year was no exception, . . . in some ways . . . no police sirens though, which was a nice change!  No burnt anyone's anything, and there was an excessive amount of high-flying paratroopers to chase down.  Success indeed.  Thanks, Uncle Ryan!

4th of July

I absolutely love July!  Simply for the many things that epitomize summer, being an American, and sharing time with family.  I love family barbecues, local parades, hot dogs on the grill, warm taffy, running through sprinklers, lighting sparklers with my kids, celebrating this amazing country, and honoring those who fight for us, and who came before us.

There's nothing better than . . .

Waiting for the parade to start, breathless with the anticipation of how much loot you're going to catch this year, 

Beating out the kids sitting next to you for that "just one more" piece of prized taffy . . .

Finding the princess float (reminds you a little bit of that dog on "Up" . . . SQUIRREL!!!) . . . 

Snuggling the puppy (the one you've always wanted but never pushed your wife into getting) at her first parade (the puppy's, not the wife's) . . .

Or thanking those that make all this possible.

God Bless America!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Micah Rides a Bike

Once upon a time, in a land not-too-far away, there was a sweet little boy who wanted to ride a bike.  Well, he thought he'd like to ride a bike, but he wasn't too sure.   You see, all the other little boys on his street were riding their bikes every day, and some were even riding their bikes off jumps and down steep driveways!  But this little boy was more than a little nervous.  He had avoided his bike all year long, even though his mommy brought it downstairs so he could practice in the winter.  It wasn't that he didn't like his bike, (although he tried to convince his parents that a NEW bike would be so much easier to ride!) it was those dang training wheels. They were so wobbly!  And falling was scary!

One day he decided to give it a try.  He told his mommy he didn't need the training wheels, or the pedals, because he would like to attempt balancing.  His big sister told him this was how she figured out riding her bike, so he thought it would work for him too.  He made a deal with his daddy that as soon as he could balance on his bike without pedals, he would get his pedals back on.  So he started at the bottom of the driveway, and with each successful coasting experience, he would inch a little higher on the driveway.  Soon he was starting in the garage and coasting all the way across the cul-de-sac!  He was so excited!  His daddy put the pedals back on, and due in small part to some fierce determination, and in large part to a little competition (thank goodness for friends who are learning at the same time!), he was soon riding his bike all by himself!  And after a few days, he wouldn't stop riding his bike!

Now, he rides his bike every day, always taking great care to put on his helmet and biking (or baseball) gloves.  He loves his new-found freedom and can even be seen riding his bike off the curb!

And he lived . . . and biked . . . happily ever after.

Redfish Lake!

So much to catch up on!  Let's start with June . . .

After school got out, we had a week of swimming lessons, then a week of scout camp and invention camp, (and more swim lessons!), then our favorite vacation spot ever, Redfish Lake!  Picture a week of no phones, no schedule, trade the purse for the camelback, and just enjoy all the hiking, biking, playing at the beach, riding in the motor boats, paddle boats, kayaks, and relaxation you can find!  There are so many fun pics to share, it would take forever to load, so here's some fun highlights:

Ready for a game of "I Spy"?

Can you find the Petroglyph Cave, the whole fam in a pic, love on the rock, and four hiking sticks? 

How about five camelbacks, a breathtaking shot, water almost-too-cold, and a tan on the floating dock?

Now find five strong boys, one flying stick, lunch by the pond, and a waterfall . . . slick!

Last one!

Four horseback riders, one mismatched mommy (why didn't anyone tell me it was "wear red" day?) surfing on a kickboard, and matching new friends is so funny!

(notice the "strong man" pose again . . . what is it with these boys!?!)

Sooooo much fun!  See you next year, Redfish!