Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bye Bye, Conrad Birdie!

I thought I'd post some fun pics of the aftermath to my latest musical, CJH's "Bye Bye Birdie".  I'll admit, it happens to me every year:  I think the show is a complete disaster, worthy of putting off for another two months to rehearse every single song, and somehow those darling children get on stage in their amazing costumes, and do better than I could have ever dreamed!  This year was especially difficult for me due to my increased schedule with a new school and children's extracurriculars, but as always, it was worth the sacrifice.  So there's only one question left . . .

What are we doing next year!?!

My Lifelong Dream

I have dreamed of getting my kids their own camelbacks for a looonnnng time now . . . like a ridiculous six years or so.  I just have this vision of darling little children carrying their own hydration, and maybe a fruit snack.

Like this:

This was the year--HOORAY!!!  The kiddos all got camelbacks for their birthdays, and since Ginger keeps climbing the wall in our backyard, we decided to test them (the camelbacks) and her (the dog) out at a local hike.  The kiddos did fabulously, even packing their own granola bars and fruit snacks, and we had so much fun we went all the way to the top!  (about twice as long as mom was planning on, which meant a shocking shortage of snacks on the way back to the car.  Lesson learned.)

Notice any similarities as my boys pose for pictures?  HA!  I think they are pointing to the valley, or the line of cement trucks at the sand pit, or to where they think Grandma's house is . . . one of those, I'm sure.  Here's also some documented proof that we made it to the top!  There is another well-traveled SLC hike behind us that is accessible from where we were, and the kids wanted to go on to that point . . . putting us about three hours away from our car.  That got vetoed, with the promise of doing that hike by itself, starting from it's own base on the other side of the mountain, not ours. : )

Near the top we found an old canal--fascinating enough to deserve a side trip to the end.  Sophia, Ginger and I waited while the other three troopers scouted it out.  Sophia posed, I took pictures.  Towards the end of the hike Ginger started flopping down in the grass.  She was spent!  I love the pic of Micah carrying her down the mountain while Daniel carries both camelbacks.  So sweet!

A Project for Mom . . .

Not to be left out, I thought I'd post my latest project too ; )

My brother-in-law and new sister-in-law got married a couple weeks ago, and asked for my help to make a "mailbox" for the cards and dinero they anticipated receiving.  When my sister got married last November, there was a lot of concern about the cards just sitting out, full of whatever lovely donation was made to the new couple.  So to thwart any unsuspecting thievery, I made a Valentine's Box On Steroids.

I took three (of five--#1 (largest), #2 (next largest), and #4 (second-to-smallest)) nesting boxes, played with some watered-down craft paint, serious modge podge, some fun scrapbooking paper in their colors, printed out a monogram on my darling computer, cut the top out of the bottom box and the bottom out of the middle box to make room for all the loot, glued all the boxes together, added a slit just above the monogram, and tons of ribbon (which you can't see because I forgot to get a final picture!  I'll post one when I get it from my SIL), and voila!  It was really cool, and I was glad I made the effort because my cute sis-in-law was delighted with the final product.  Maybe I'll use the other boxes for Livia's V-Day box next year . . .