Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Little Slugger!

To say that Micah loves baseball is putting it very, very mildly. He LOOOOOVVVEEESSSSS baseball! : ) Here are some pics of his season with one league--another one is starting next week. No, there's never enough games or practices scheduled for his taste and yes, he does wear his jersey and baseball pants 24-7. To all Daniel's games, whenever he wants to play baseball in the backyard, and of course, right after I've tried to wash it. His favorite thing in baseball is sliding. Into every base. Grass or dirt. Every time. : ) He's TOTALLY AWESOME!!!

Thumbs-up for Mom : )
Posing for the camera--what a stance!
in his Sunday clothes . . .
With his friend Isaac


"Birthday Season" is finally over, and I can rest and regroup and prepare for next year! With five birthdays in two months, right at the beginning of baseball season, life at the Mortensen household gets a little crazy! Here are some highlights from this year's festivities:
Daniel and eleven friends had pizza at our house, went to Kangaroo Zoo, and came back all gross and sweaty for cake, ice cream, and presents! Twelve ten-year-olds make quite the ruckus, but lots of fun was had by all, and they slept really well that night! ; )

Livia had ten friends over for a "jewelry making party." Everyone made a bracelet with their name or initials on it, we had a cupcake line-up for the birthday cake, and danced to some fun music!

Micah's cake was my favorite--it's a small eight-inch round on the bottom, and eleven cupcakes for the pyramid-top. He loved it, which was the whole point, right?

Sophia wanted a brownie for her cake, so we did this fun and easy creation in a snap! (whew!) This is her "pickle face" (see earlier post about that)--she's such a cutie!

Livia's Baptism!

Such a gorgeous girl on a gorgeous day! She looked so radiant and peaceful. I am so grateful for her sweet and loving personality and the joy she brings to our home. She has been so excited for this day for a long long time now, and I know her testimony of our Savior is strong. Congratulations, Livia! We love you SO much!