Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Pics!

Here are some pics of our Easter!

The girls  (thanks Cathy for the flowers!)
The boys--how cute is this?  Totally not posed : )
love the checkerboard effect ; )

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Latest Project

I was inspired by my Grandma who has a jillion necklaces hanging on the back of her closet door, and a friend who made one of these out of a cork board.  When I went to the store, they didn't have any cork boards bigger than an 5x7.  So I made one out of some poster frame, some cork, and fabric left over from the matching aprons Livia and I made.  (I'll put those up next!)  Here's the finished product--and I can get to my necklaces without dropping all of them!  

I know you're all jealous of my charm necklace!  Anyone else have theirs still?

The Girls!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Best Buddies

 . . . most of the time, Micah and Sophia get along SO well!  I am constantly amazed at how long they can play together.  It's so cute too--they play family, Lightening McQueen, store, puppy dogs (where they are the dogs and I'm the owner, or Micah's the dog and Sophia's the owner . . . ), coloring, reading books to each other, . . . it's so nice!  Here's their "buddy" song that they composed (on my birthday!):

My Independent Child

So, Sophia and I were shopping the other day, and I reached down to hold her hand when she said, "No, Mommy, I walk a my SEOF!"  Here's my documentation: (notice the hands holding tightly to oneself, and how happy we are about the whole process . . . sigh.  Not sure how I feel about this.)

Lessons Learned

So, after much painting and ignoring my sweet family (thanks to my wonderful and extremely patient husband for filling in!), I have learned a few noteworthy items to pass along about painting stripes.  First off, I will never, ever, ever, EVER paint stripes without Frog Tape.  I know I mentioned this earlier, and I know it's a little more expensive, but I have tried the standard blue, a different green tape (supposedly SO much better) and both were AWFUL!!!  Here's some pics of my experience:

This one is with the Frog Tape:
This one is with the other tape:
Crazy, huh?

The other thing I learned is that walls aren't always straight, and neither are ceilings, unfortunately.  I actually knew this in my 1958 house, but in the 2004 one I thought it would be different . . . not so much!  As I'm taping ten different lines across the room, I noticed quite a bit of differences from one mark to the next!  I started eyeballing it instead of following the marks because they were so off from each other, even in a 12" linear space.  So, lesson #2 is to trust your gut!

Lesson #3:  Flat Enamel (Latex-based) paint is my new fave!  It is amazing because it is washable (as in easy clean-up), super-washable (as in scrubbing pencil drawings off quite easily without damaging the paint), and extraordinarily forgiving to amateur painters. ; )

I think I am done painting for a while . . . not because I don't want to, but because I am out of ideas and I don't want to have to paint twice! : )  So if anyone has a brilliant idea for what to do with my bedroom (besides calling David Bromstead), or the family room (I'm thinking about painting an accent wall behind the piano, and doing similar colors up the columns next to the fireplace--color? dark neutrals?), let me know!!!

The Boys' Turn!

So, after finishing Livia's room, I decided to try the boys'.  I have had this concept for a while, but since it involved so many stripes, and Livia's was only one, I thought I'd test my skills on hers first! : )  Here's the first taping: (there are five stripes total and one color on the bottom 2/3 of their wall.)
This is what it looked like after the first three colors are painted.  The top is the main blue, the middle is a really light green, and the bottom is the medium green.  I used five colors total--three greens and two blues.  I got the idea from their bedspreads, which have multi-tone blues and greens also.
The next two colors--a dark blue and a dark green.
The final product! 
Yaay!  They like it!  (I don't think they really had a choice, 
but it works out well for all of us!)