Thursday, January 15, 2009

Livia's Room Make-Over

Livia has been working so hard--getting all her chores done, helping Mom, . . . she finally got a make-over for her room (and Mom got one less beige room--yaay!).  We puzzled over what to do for a while, but are LOVING the results!  Here is the picture process.  Thanks and appreciation go to Home Depot (I now recommend Frog Tape instead of the blue stuff--it works wonders!), Brooks' Preschool (for keeping Micah busy), nap time, and fabulous friends who share their creative juices!

I think she likes it!

Truly her Grandfather's Granddaughter

Anyone who knows my dad understands the deep and abiding passion for dill pickles.  No, this is not a joke.  It is really true.  Pickles go with every meal, cut lovingly into strips, placed in a crystal serving dish.  Normally this is Dad's contribution to the meal--he's the one to get them out, cut them up, and place them on the table.  Maybe one of these days Sophia will do it with him.  They truly share the "pickle bond."  Yes, my baby girl is a full-blown pickle lover.   The kind that eats three or four WHOLE ENTIRE pickles all by herself.  At age two, no less.

The other day we were having hot dogs (I know you are all amazed at my culinary creativity here) for lunch, and I pulled out the pickle jar.  "Sophie, look what Mommy has!"  This was her reaction:



Enjoy, Dad--this granddaughter (and her pickles) are for you! : )

Posts missing from last Fall:

The first snowfall of 2008 in October, and Livia's first snowman of the year!  (notice the missing jacket--this snow was bound to be short-lived!)

family vacation to San Diego--we visited the San Diego temple (among other interests like the beach, Sea World, Wild Animal Park, etc.)--it is so beautiful, and now Daniel and Livia 
want to get married there!

My baby brother got married!  You can't tell by any of the pics (which is actually pretty cool) but it was POURING rain the entire day.

Daniel got his Bear!  Such personality, I tell ya.  Reminds me of the pictures Calvin's mom tried to take of him . . . maybe Daniel has read those comic books too often . . . ?

Hiking on top of Snowbird . . . again with the crazy poses!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy Days are Here for ME!!!

So, one of my many excuses for not posting regularly (especially pictures!) is because my dear, sweet computer is such a dinosaur it takes at least a half hour to load any pictures. . . . and that's just one! Let alone sharing my cute halloween-ers, any holiday photos, etc. for all of you to enjoy. However, yours truly got a lovely present from Santa this year-- a new iMac!!! YAAY!!! I'm sure all of you will be pleased to not see the same old thing on my post for months at a time. Gear up, cuz there are a WHOLE bunch of new posts a comin'! ; )