Monday, July 28, 2008

445 squares

156 hours

55 pairs of jeans

6 broken needles

3 ruined markers

2 spools of thread

2 sisters

1 well-loved square template

. . . . . .

1 amazing journey to a long-awaited dream come true . . .


So, the story behind the story . . . I have been saving jeans since we were married, and soon after Daniel wore through the knees of his first pair, I decided that someday I would make THE JEAN QUILT. So titled because I had this plan . . . Daniel's first pair of jeans had to be big enough to fit around his middle, and rolled up enough to fit his shorter-than-the jeans chubby legs. This made the hole he made land about mid-thigh on an average pair. They looked so funny, and made for such great memories (thanks to my ever-wise neighbor at the time, Janeen!!!), that I thought they'd look great appliqued on a jean quilt. So I have saved the first pair of jeans from each of my kids, and that is what you see in the middle of our masterpiece (I say "our" here because we all know it never would have happened without my darling sister's enless patience and help--I love you, Tiffy!). Daniel's are the top right, Livia's are the bottom right, Micah's are the bottom left, and Sophia's are the top left (with the ruffled edge). This is where I have been all summer . . . hunkered down over a pair of jeans . . . or many pairs, as it has turned out. : )

This is the top of the quilt, finally finished. It's upside down, so Daniel's and Sophia's jeans are at the bottom, and Livia's and Micah's are at the top. You really can't get an idea of how big it is (king size), which is why I took the next picture of the finished product . . .

The fact that I can fit all four kids on there, with room to spare, should give you an idea of how gianormous this is!!! (it's VERY heavy too!) They are each laying by their jeans--it's so cute how excited they get to see part of their history here--makes it all worthwhile. : )

Friday, July 18, 2008

Crooked Towels and Sticky Fingerprints

Hey all--

I know I've disappeared from cyberspace for a while, and great explanations forthcoming, but thought while I have a brief minute, I want to record some thoughts from today before I forget them. That happens more than I'd like to admit. : ) (the forgetfulness, not the recording!)

It seems like I can NEVER get any housework done--ever! The second I think about vacuuming, I realize how much is on the floor that won't work in my vacuum system, like toys, clothes, swim towels, children . . . : ) and by the time I have that cleaned up, the time I had for actual vacuuming has passed, and another day ends. Every now and then I get a bathroom cleaned, the dishes done, the floor swept, but never all at once, which is a little frustrating at times. So I was in a bathroom today, looking at the crooked towels and wondering if it was possible to train children to straighten them after they wash their hands. Part of me thought it was worth a shot, and the other part thought . . . "really? can't you just be happy that the hands are getting washed? are you ever going to be satisfied?" Someday in the future, (far, far, far in the future!) my towels will remain beautifully hung, and straight all the day long, and there won't be anyone to make them crooked. (well, maybe Dave . . . ) When that day comes, I'm sure I'll look at them and think, "my, those towels look good!" And at that point, a little bit of sadness too, for the time when I could rely on them to never be straight. ever. : )

My cute little brother owns a handyman business, and has recently added window cleaning to his list. Since mine have never been done (I know you're shocked), I enlisted his assistance. Man, do they look amazing!!! I can see out of windows that have been opaque for more than four years (and we've been here for two of them) . . . since the house was built! At any rate, he came over the other day and commented on how quickly little handprints were appearing on his nice clean windows. I laughed and said something about how that wasn't really surprising. But my thoughts about towels today coincide with the little handprints we sometimes get from primary and preschool teachers about how these little hands won't always adorn our walls (and windows and fridge doors, to name a few!), and how we will miss them at some point.

I know it's true, and yet I laugh and say it would be nice to get there, and then be able to come back to appreciate this stage at it's fullest. Life is funny like that--we don't get what we want at the time we want it, but by the time we do want it, it's too late. So I would like to go on record as saying that I love my towels being crooked, my windows having sticky fingerprints on them, and even my house not being perfectly clean at any one point . . . ever. : ) I am so grateful to have four shiny happy spirits of my own who mess things up so perfectly for me, every single day.