Friday, June 6, 2008

Clover Necklaces

Many thanks to those who help me feel like my crazy mom moment wasn't such an anomaly. : ) You are all amazing and wonderful, and I am so grateful to call you my friends!

On Tuesday we went to Daniel's baseball practice at Cheese Park here in Bountiful. Many of you may know that the Cheese is no longer there, but we found plenty of clovers. It was so fun to sit down with the younger three and play in the grass. We made clover necklaces, bracelets, and even rings! I was reminded of how important it is to sit down . . . sometimes literally, and take those moments together. Livia and Micah were so excited to gather the clovers, and they found the best and biggest all over the field. Sophie's ring kept falling off, and even though we had to replace it many times, she was still admant about wearing it. Livia wanted to keep hers forever, but (as many literary passages ran through my mind about the fragility of life/friendship/whatever being compared to a clover flower chain . . . anyone name those passages?) I told her the fun is in the remembering, and the pictures, and the doing it again and again. : ) So here are some for you to enjoy . . .

Sophia with her necklace and ring--couldn't get the bracelet to work on her little wrist, but she didn't seem to mind. (She does have her birthstone bracelet on anyway--maybe that made up for it.) This is her famous "cheese" face. I really can't get a normal smile out of her--not a huge surprise because ALL of my cute kids have gone through this stage!

Micah proudly displaying his wares--plus the maple seed "bird" that he helped to "fly". I'm actually surprised he doesn't have the "cheese" face on--maybe he's growing out of it??? that would be a little sad for me . . .

My darling Livia--she is so photogenic, and of course, loves posing for the camera (I know, you're shocked). She has several other requested photos of this session, most of which were self-posed. : ) Let me know if you'd like the whole album!

This one says it all for me--stop and smell the clovers--it is well worth it!

My Little Mouse

Sophia has recently started squeaking . . . totally her own initiative. It is so funny! The first time I heard her I was making dinner at the stove. I turned around and she was sitting in her chair with this funny grin on her face, testing out the tuning waters. "Sophie, are you squeaking?" "Um hmm, skeek." To be truthful, it sounds more like a rusty door hinge than a mouse, but "My Little Rusty Door Hinge" didn't sound as cute for a title. : ) She has been known to do command performances, and encores upon occasion. Perhaps you'll be honored with a forthcoming recital. Dates and times to be posted.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Summer??? --blech--

So I have been reprimanded for not posting more frequently, and today is just the day to contradict my previous posts. ; ) With the first two days of summer under our belt, I officially hate it. Yes, that's right, I am hating summer!!! Not so much the non-schedule, because I am actually enjoying that part. The problem is, our swimming lessons don't start until next week, same with tennis, and since my kids picked their own punishment for fighting on Sunday, we can't play with friends or on the computer until next week. So . . . . that leaves us playing with each other . . . a lot . . . : ) Most of the time they are really good, and play so nicely, but I think too much of a good thing . . . but it does go in spurts, thank goodness. One minute they are playing tennis or basketball or swinging, or jumping so cute together, then someone calls someone else a name, or claims an extra point, and all heck breaks loose. We have more time for teasing, a little more being together, so the sibling rivalry is at an all-time high. I am not physically able to play with each one individually (would love to, but can't--name that movie!), pick up after them (isn't that their job anyway?), and still make meals on time (ever?).

I am, however, able to report some significant progress--we have assignments for loading and unloading the dishwasher that have worked successfully for two days, our allowance charts are effective again (since we have more time in the morning to actually check them now), we have webkinz-earning charts that get extra chores done (albeit not so well, but done!), I am re-decorating the living room (wahoo!!! it is so fun--you all have to come see my house when I'm done!), we can actually see most of the carpet in Livia's room again (yaay for Livi! She worked so hard!), Micah and I went on a snail-hunting expedition and were able to send over 35 snails to our bucket-o-death, and Daniel has finally had some spare time to hone his wii skills (and baseball too), much missed during school hours. : D

So, any of you that have more ideas for peace in the home (and no, singing "Love At Home" at the top of my lungs doesn't help any of us . . . except it does make me laugh at myself, so I guess it does some good!), please comment, and often! I told them today that I don't care what anyone else does or says, we are GOING TO BE NICE!!! That has worked for the last few hours, so we'll see how tomorrow goes--wish me luck! : D